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Public Art Installation Masking, 2021 featured on KCRA Channel 3

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — from KCRA Channel 3, Lecticia Ordaz, News Anchor, 5/8/2021 Saturday Morning News

The state is partnering with more than 20 artists to empower Californians to get their COVID-19 vaccines and to stop the spread during the pandemic. One of the artists, Jessica Wimbley, is from Sacramento.

A piece of Wimbley’s art, digitally displayed at the Arden Fair Mall, reminds shoppers that the pandemic isn't over yet.

"I just hope to share the message that vaccination is important that doing things to end the pandemic that we do have the capabilities the powers in our hands and our actions save lives," Wimbley said.

With vaccination numbers dropping statewide, Wimbley's "Masking Series" is on display as a part of the State of California's "Your Actions Save Lives" campaign.

"I think it is really powerful that you have an African American figure who is directly engaging the audience and who is represented at such a large scale," Wimbley said.

The artist came up with the concept to feature video and still photography projected onto masks worn by people representing California's diverse communities.

"There is information about our culture, history, knowledge, our experiences that are shared within the mascarade," Wimbley said.

The images depict those impacted the hardest during COVID-19 but are not all grim.

"We can be mindful of our neighbors, each other, and think about what we experienced over this past year, and how we can move forward regarding ending the pandemic and being kinder to one another," Wimbley said.

Wimbley's "Masking Series" display will remain up at Arden Fair Mall through mid-May.

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