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Artist Statement


I use the literary term biomythography, defined by poet Audre Lorde as a combination of “biography, myth, and history”, as an interdisciplinary visual arts practice. By using biomythography and the para-fictional, I investigate and question identity and history, merging both the genetic and biological with socio-historical, creating narratives that shift between micro and macro representations. The figure in these narratives straddles both objectification and subjectification, as a result, creating narratives that conjure multiple histories through the codification of landscape, objects, and the body. My practice incorporates the building of visual archives via a variety of photographic material culture including magazines, advertisements, cabinet cards, old photos, and juxta positioning the images with digital photography, video, and collage. The finished work reflects historical artistic approaches of painting and drawing with Photoshop, collage and digital photography, itself becoming a hybrid.


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