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Public Art Projects

Masking: Chris, 2021 Billboard, Oak Park. Sacramento, CA from Masking Series, 2021

California Natural Resource Agency, Sacramento, CA

Public Art CA Digital Art Collection

Fieldnotes: Califia, 2021 

Chris Christion & Jessica Wimbley

Video Collage

2:34 minutes

In partnership with the State of California and Dyson and Womack, Fieldnotes: Califia is featured on 35ft digital screen in the lobby of California Natural Resource Agency in Sacramento, CA.


Sacramento Kings Juneteenth Celebration/
February, 2022 Artist of the Month

In partnership with the Black Artist Fund, the Sacramento Kings featured work from local Black artists on the screens at the Grand Entrance to Golden 1 Center and near the corner of L and 5th Streets in Sacramento, CA

Works from the Belle Jet and Cabinet Card Series are featured throughout the month of February and during the week of Juneteenth ( June 13-20, 2022) on the Grand Entrance to Golden 1 Center and near the corner of L and 5th Streets in Sacramento, CA.

The State of California and The Center at Sierra Health Foundation "Your Actions Save Lives" Covid-19 Awareness

Masking Series,2021 featuring video and still photography created in partnership with the State of California and The Center at Sierra Health Foundation, to speak directly to Californians who have been hardest hit by COVID-19.

As part of The City of Sacramento’s “Your Actions Save Lives” Public Art Campaign, Wimbley’s large scale video work, Masking 2021, is located in Sacramento’s Arden Fair Mall and in Oak Park, Sacramento neighborhood billboard. Masking, 2021 has been featured in the Sac Bee, ABC News, and KCRA, with an ad campaign in 11 markets state wide which include print media, digital billboards, and a tv spot.  


NE Sculpture | Gallery Factory
Social Justice Billboard Project

NE Sculpture ∣ Gallery Factory has leased 3 commercial billboards at George Floyd’s memorial site at the corner of 38th and Chicago Ave S. in Minneapolis, MN. Two of the Billboards are on top of the Cup Foods; the third is diagonally across the square. Masking:Testament, 2020  Jessica Wimbley

How does the mask function as a medium in our lives, as a cultural and political signifier, a holder of memory? What does it mean to wear a mask, be seen in a mask, and the transformation that occurs in the experience? Relating to African traditions of the masquerade, in which the wearing of the mask is a spiritual experience, Masking: Testament, 2020 uses found footage from news clips and the internet that articulate our current cultural milieu, juxtaposing the personal as a site of both shared and individual memory. As photographic images, the figure becomes further transformed in the spiritual aspects of the masquerade, serving as both witness and member of the site of George Floyd’s Vigil. The multiplicity of images in relationship to the direct eye contact of the figure creates a provocative engagement with viewers and the site.

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