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Wimbley gives Artist Talk at San Diego City College 3rd Annual Social Justice and Education Conferen

Wimbley at SDCC

San Diego City College hosted the 3rd Annual Social Justice in Education Conference: A Call to Action on Wednesday and Thursday, March 22 and 23, 2017. This yearly conference is designed to bring together student organizations, education reformers, local non-profit organizations, policy makers, and other community constituents to share experiences and resources, raise awareness about challenges we face as a society, and to develop collaborations and foster actions that bring about meaningful social transformation. The conference is part of efforts to build a nationwide network of people in the field of education who recognize the place of social justice in education as a tool for creating informed, critical, and engaged students. In her lecture, artist Jessica Wimbley will discuss her interdisciplinary arts practice which investigates and questions identity and history, merging both the genetic and biological with socio-historical, creating narratives that shift between micro and macro representations. By linking the personal narrative to larger socio-political structures, the artist addresses cultural production as a means of resistance and advocacy. Denise Whisenhunt, Interim President of City College shared, “From its inception, our annual Social Justice Conference has served as a vital tool in helping our communities come together to discuss core issues affecting our daily lives. Many of our programs, such as peace studies, gender studies, labor studies, Chicano/Chicana studies, Black studies, and others help students be a voice for those who are often not heard.” For more info on the Social Justice Conference, visit

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