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A Look at Selling the Shadow with curator Ayana V. Jackson

The exhibition Selling the Shadow is currently on view at C-Gallery in Milan, Italy thru September 15, 2017. Selling the Shadow is a touring exhibition curated by the American artists Ayana V. Jackson and Ingrid LaFleur. Selling the Shadow is an international, cross disciplinary presentation that examines the relationship between art and social practise. The exhibition presents the work of 21 international artists from different countries including Cameroon, Congo, France, Italy, Jamaica, United States and South Africa. While vastly different in their personal narratives and method of art making, what each of them share is their confrontation with themes around identity, history, and the social structures that play a role, not only in creating their own work, but also in its consumption and the way in which it is activated. In this video curator Ayana V. Jackson discusses the exhibition on view at Gallery Momo in Cape Town, SA.

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