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Upcoming Group Exhibition | U.S. curated by Mike McLain at Claremont Graduate University

U.S. Reception Feb. 6, 6-9 East and Peggy Phelps Galleries 251 E.10th St, Claremont, CA

Tania Jazz Alvarez Ryan Brewer Mackenzie Goodman & Adam Stacey Cole James Mike McLain Dominic Quaqliozi Robert Rootenberg Kristine Schomaker Tessie Salcido Whitmore Jessica Wimbley I can just see it; In a Middle School civics class (if they still teach civics), maybe somewhere in the mid-west, an enthusiastic young teacher is telling students “we wouldn’t have the U.S. without us” while smiling warmly before a sea of eye rolls and vacant stares. Cheesiness aside, that is the basic premise of the exhibit U.S. The artists included here make work that expresses their own individual experience but also represents a specific aspect of our national culture. For some it is as simple as describing everyday life through visual means. Others explore issues relevant to our societal evolution or look into a heritage that brought us to where we now are as a nation. This is us. We are U.S. Welcome home. Mike McLain, curator

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