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Work from Americana Series included in COLLEGE AS MUSEUM: Cerritos College Public Art Collection

COLLEGE AS MUSEUM: Cerritos College Announces Public Art Collection

Cerritos College, in conjunction with the Cerritos College Art Gallery and the Committee on Art in Public Spaces (CAPS), has officially acquired a nascent Public Art Collection of works by a group of eighteen notable contemporary artists, with future plans to continue to grow the collection in coming years. Distinct from the collection of the Cerritos College Art Gallery itself, which relies solely on generous donations by artists, the Cerritos College Public Art Collection, is funded by the college’s substantial ‘endowment’ for public art, created in 2015.

The conceptual framework for the collection focuses on placing relatively small paintings and framed works on paper around campus in various academic facilities, with the themes of the works generally related to the distinct pedagogical material covered in the adjacent classrooms. In addition, to be reflective of the campus community as a whole, the collection prominently features works by female artists and artists of color.

Works by the following artists include: Carolyn Castaño, Amir H Fallah, Alexandra Grant, Mark Steven Greenfield, Sean Higgins, Kiel Johnson, Virginia Katz, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Melissa Manfull, Álvaro Daniel Márquez, Hung Viet Nguyen, Christina Ondrus, Naida Osline, Julia Paull, Gala Porras-Kim, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Marie Thibeault, and Jessica Wimbley.

Americana: Warrior II (2018) is included in the collection.

Americana: Warrior II, 2018

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