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GRAVITATIONAL LENSING: Feminist Film Dialogues at Shapeshifters Cinema in Oakland, CA

Gravitational Lensing: Feminist Film Dialogues Cycle 1, Program 1: Body as Film, Film as Body

Saturday, June 8, 2024 @ 7pm

Still, True Story of Edges: Chapter 2 (2023, 1:50) Jessica Wimbley

Gravitational Lensing: Feminist Film Dialogues is a new series curated and organized by Amy Reid and Kathleen Quillian with the help of an international advisory board. The series is dedicated to exploring the visions, voices, concerns and lineage of women, non-binary, genderqueer and trans filmmakers through public film screenings, workshops, conversations and presentations.

The series will be presented in "cycles" made up of 3-4 programs at a time, with each program organized around a specific theme, pairing films from our open call with other filmmakers whose work engages with similar subjects, ideas or techniques. Films in the series will touch on everything from the intersections of gender and mythology to colonial histories and everything in between.

The first program, Body as Film/Film as Body will feature films that explore the connections between media and the human form. Tactile and visceral, these works push and expand the possibilities of working with celluloid and digital media to create both meaning and artifact, finding parallels between the moving image and feminist subjectivity.

Image from "On the Other Side of" by Mia Felic

Body as Film/Film as Body includes the films: DKK (2020, 16mm to DV) by Deborah Garfinkle, Je Ne Sais Plus (2012, 16mm to DV) by Kristin Reeves, Close the Lid Gently (2013, DV) by Ariana Gerstein, Cosmetic Emergency (2005, 35mm to DV) by Martha Colburn, Wayward Emulsions (2018, 16mm to DV) by TT Takemoto, Flesh to Spirit (2019, DV) by Alima Lee, Sanctus (1990, 16mm) by Barbara Hammer, Riverbody (1970, 16mm) by Alice Anne Parker, Lumen (2019, S8 to DV) by Sarah Seené, Loretta (2003, 16mm) by Jeanne Liotta, Traces On My Body (2023, 16mm to DV) by Yue Hua, tape erotics comma sexy tender (2023, DV) by sailer dinucci-radley, On the Other Side of (2024, DV) by Mia Felic, True Story of Edges: Chapter 2 (2023, DV) by Jessica Wimbley and Light Work Mood Disorder (double projection 16mm film + sound) by Jennifer Reeves.

You can learn more about Shapeshifters Cinema by visiting


567 5th Street

Oakland, CA 94607

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