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Masking Series in "Your Actions Save Lives" Public Art Project in Sacramento, CA

Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA

The State of California’s “Your Actions Save Lives” campaign, which provides Californians with information about how they can do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19, is partnering with more than 20 artists across California—including Sacramento’s Jessica Wimbley—to reach hard-hit communities throughout the state.

The statewide program features original works of art with empowering public health messages about protecting one another, being resilient and living in community. It engages prominent Latino, Black/African American, Asian American/Pacific Islander, Native American/Indigenous and LGBTQ artists and communities throughout California.

In Sacramento, Wimbley’s Masking Series reminds viewers of the importance of wearing masks to help bring an end to the pandemic. It features video and still photography projected onto masks worn by people representing California’s diverse communities.

Wimbley’s work is featured on exterior signage and indoor digital displays at Sacramento’s Arden Fair Mall, while an eye-catching image of a masked Wimbley is featured on a billboard overlooking Sacramento’s Oak Park neighborhood through mid-May.

Masking OakPark Billboard, Sacramento, CA

Wimbley’s Masking Series is also featured on LED and mobile billboards, and in print and television ads in English and Spanish, in a campaign reaching 11 California markets through mid-May.

Visual overlays in the Masking Series reference the masked performances of the African tradition of Masquerade, which teaches cultural lessons using multimedia in public spaces. Masking Series images show people taking action to protect one another during the pandemic. Images portray people wearing their masks while helping support their communities and getting vaccinated.

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