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MexiCali Biennial featured in HyperAllergic's Los Angeles Art Guide for February 2023

Exert from "Your Concise Los Angeles Art Guide for February 2023" by Matt Stromberg HyperAllergic

Jessica Wimbley and Chris Christion, “The Unauthorized Histography of California, Volume 2: Fieldnotes” (2022), video collage (courtesy the artists and MexiCali Biennial)

Launched in 2006 by artists Ed Gomez and Luis G. Hernandez, the MexiCali Biennial explores the cultural and artistic terrain of California and Mexico. This year’s edition, Land of Milk & Honey, focuses on the region’s agricultural and culinary significance and associated issues surrounding labor, ecology, and politics. California was touted as a bountiful Eden by early promoters of the state, however the flipside of this starry-eyed view was exclusion, exploitation, and corruption, themes that the Golden State is still reckoning with. Participating artists include Carolyn Castaño, Edgar Fabián Frías, Narsiso Martinez, Ruben Ochoa, Jazmín Urrea, and many others.

The Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture ( 3581 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, California February 25–May 28, 2023

The list of must-see, fun, insightful, and very Los Angeles art events this month, include Alicia Piller: Within, Brad Phillipss: I Know What I did Last Summer, Bridget Mullen: Sensory Homunculus, Emily Barker: Illusions of Care, Trulee Hall: Plays on Foreplays, Dreamtime™: Jane and Louise Wilson,

Mulyana:Modular Utopia, Pedro Pedro: Table, Fruits, Flowers and Cakes, Amir H. Fallah: The Fallacy of Borders and MexiCali Biennial: Land of Milk & Honey.

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