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Wimbley 2023-2024 Teaching Artist in Residence @ Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento

The TWUSD Teaching Artist in Residency program was designed to put a local working artist and their artwork in front of the districts entire seventh grade student population during the 2023-2024 school year. With a solo exhibition in the campus galleries at Martin Luther King, Jr. Tech Academy, in Sacramento, CA students throughout the district engage with the artist, docents, and the exhibition through planned field trips as part of the districts Visual and Performing Arts Program (VAPA).

Installation view, Martin Luther King, Jr. Tech Academy

Still, True Story of Edges: Chapter 2

Works featured in the exhibition include selections from the Belle, Belle Jet, Cabinet Card, and Cabinet Portrait Series, as well as new video work, The True Story of Edges: Chapter 2.

Wimbley with students @ Martin Luther King, Jr. Tech Academy

In conjunction with Arts Education Consultant from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC and Arts Integration Specialist from Twin Rivers School District, I have developed educational content aligning with 7th grade District Learning Outcomes engaging with Social Emotional Learning, 1.A.3. Students identify and explore their different social identities, including race ethnicity, language, gender and ability. Students begin to explore the concept of intersectionality. Students cultivate healthy, well-grounded sense of self-confidence based on their strengths.

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